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10 October 2019 Publication

Behaviour change, public engagement and Net Zero (Imperial College London)

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) appointed Dr. Richard Carmichael from Imperial College London to work with us on understanding the potential for people to make choices that can contribute to reducing emissions, and what this means for policy.
9 August 2019 Publication

Analysis on abating direct emissions from ‘hard-to-decarbonise’ homes (Element Energy & UCL)

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) commissioned Element Energy and UCL to carry out research on the distribution and characteristics of homes considered ‘hard to decarbonise’, with a view to developing treatment packages for decarbonisation of the existing UK housing stock and informing the CCC’s advice on the date for a net-zero emissions target in the UK.
8 August 2019 Publication

The future of carbon pricing in the UK (Vivid Economics)

This report, by Vivid Economics, accompanies advice from the Committee on Climate Change about the future of the EU's Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).
18 July 2019 Publication

Wood in Construction in the UK: An Analysis of Carbon Abatement Potential (BioComposites Centre)

This report on the greenhouse gas abatement potential of increasing the use of timber in construction in the UK, led by the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University, informed the Committee on Climate Change’s 2018 report on the role of Biomass in a low-carbon economy..
18 July 2019 Publication

Biopolymers (bio-based plastics) – An overview (JCH Industrial Ecology Ltd)

This overview of biopolymers by Professor Callum Hill of JCH Industrial Ecology Ltd was commissioned to inform the Committee on Climate Change’s 2018 report on the role of Biomass in a low-carbon economy.
11 July 2019 Publication

How the UK met its carbon budgets (Cambridge Econometrics)

This report by Cambridge Econometrics was produced to support the Reducing UK emissions: 2019 Progress Report to Parliament, the Committee's annual update which assesses how well the UK is doing when it comes to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.
10 July 2019 Publication

Impacts of climate change on meeting Government outcomes in England (Paul Watkiss Associates)

The Adaptation Committee contracted Paul Watkiss Associates to assess how climate change might affect the ability of Government to achieve existing policy outcomes.
10 July 2019 Publication

Research to update the evidence base for indicators of climate-related risks and actions in England (ADAS)

The ADAS report presents the results of work commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change to update a number of the indicators of and evidence bases on climate-related risks and actions in England.
10 July 2019 Publication

Options for incorporating embodied and sequestered carbon into the building standards framework (AECOM)

There is potential to reduce carbon emissions further, by expanding the framework to address and drive down the lifecycle carbon associated with buildings, incorporating both embodied and sequestered carbon. This report, produced by AECOM for the Committee on Climate Change's Biomass in a low-carbon economy report, examines the options available for doing so.
10 July 2019 Publication

The costs and benefits of tighter standards for new buildings (Currie & Brown and AECOM)

This report, produced by Currie & Brown and AECOM for the Committee on Climate Change, summarises the research undertaken to inform the Committee’s recommendations on new build standards.