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Briefing note

29 October 2020

Insights Briefings: Sharing the UK approach to addressing climate change

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10 July 2019

Briefing note on time lags in the climate system (Met Office)

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Committee on Climate Change - Land use project

14 September 2017

CCC land use project update

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Infrastructure report - Cover

29 March 2017

The infrastructure needs of a low-carbon economy prepared for climate change

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13 October 2016

Meeting Carbon Budgets – Implications of Brexit for UK climate policy

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Climate Change Act NI cover

6 January 2016

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act (2015 update)

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12 November 2015

Low-carbon policy costs and the competitiveness of UK steel production

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14 September 2015

Budget management and funding for low-carbon electricity generation

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11 August 2014

Industry factsheet

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6 August 2014

Buildings factsheet

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30 January 2014

Scrutiny of IPCC report “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis”

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21 January 2014

Flood and coastal erosion risk management spending

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