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14 September 2017
14 September 2017 | Publication

CCC land use project update

This briefing note provides an update on the Committee on Climate Change and Adaptation Sub-Committee's ongoing work on land use. The Committee is exploring how improved use and management of land could deliver against both mitigation and adaptation objectives to 2050 and beyond.
29 March 2017
29 March 2017 | Publication

The infrastructure needs of a low-carbon economy prepared for climate change

The infrastructure needs of a low-carbon economy prepared for climate change supports a letter of the same name from Lord Deben (Chair, Committee on Climate Change) and The Baroness Brown of Cambridge (Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee) to Lord Adonis (Chair, National Infrastructure Commission).
6 January 2016
6 January 2016 | Publication

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act (2015 update)

This report considers the appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act following a request to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) from the Northern Ireland Executive Minister. The report provides an update on an earlier report on the same topic, produced by the CCC in 2011.
12 November 2015
12 November 2015 | Publication

Low-carbon policy costs and the competitiveness of UK steel production

With closures of steel plants announced in recent weeks, the competitive position of energy-intensive industries in the UK has been much in the news. Policies to reduce carbon emissions, which have increased electricity costs to industry, have been amongst the concerns said to have contributed to problems at UK plants. This technical note addresses these issues in detail.
30 January 2014
30 January 2014 | Publication

Scrutiny of IPCC report “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis”

During the House of Lords Energy Bill Debate on 28 October 2013, Viscount Ridley announced that there were nine ways in which the recent IPCC report (AR5) was less alarming and less certain than the previous IPCC report in 2007 (AR4). This document examines these nine claims using the relevant text from the two reports. Six are found to be incorrect – meaning either that there is no supporting evidence from the text of AR5 relative to AR4, or that AR5 explicitly states that the issues are less relevant to long-term climate projections. Important caveats apply to the remaining three claims.
21 January 2014
21 January 2014 | Publication

Flood and coastal erosion risk management spending

This note considers publicly available data on flood and coastal erosion risk management expenditure (FCERM) in England. It looks at how this has changed following recent government spending decisions, the introduction of Partnership Funding, and in comparison with estimates of the long-term investment need. Is more being spent than ever before?
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