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UKERC: Best practice in heat decarbonisation policy

UKERC Best practice in heat decarbonisation policy

This report presents the findings of a review of the evidence on policy support for heat supply or infrastructure transitions in different European countries, and sets out to understand how relevant these policy lessons might be to the UK context for achieving radical decarbonisation of heat.

Next Steps for UK Heat Policy

Heating and hot water for UK buildings make up 40% of our energy consumption and 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. It will be necessary to largely eliminate these emissions by around 2050 to meet the targets in the Climate Change Act and to maintain the UK contribution to international action under the Paris Agreement. This report considers that challenge and sets out possible steps to meet it.

Infographic: The future of heating in UK buildings

This infographic provides a snapshot of the key options for low-carbon heating. It accompanies the Committee on Climate Change’s 2016 report, ‘Next steps for UK heat policy’.

Concrete action needed to meet UK climate commitments following Paris Agreement and Brexit vote

In a set of new reports, the Committee recommends that the Government vigorously pursues the full package of measures the CCC has identified in order to meet existing UK climate commitments at least cost.

UCL for the CCC: A New Approach to Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency

This research, by UCL Energy Institute, finds that energy efficiency happens when it is strategically important, or “salient”, and that salience is strongly influenced by external drivers such as reputation and risk and also by the way different part of the organisation are connected and resourced.

Frontier Economics for the CCC: Future Regulation of the Gas Grid

This report considers the implications of decarbonisation for the future regulation of the gas grid.

Scotland hits latest emissions reduction target, but action needed in transport, buildings and agriculture to maintain progress

Scotland is leading the UK in greenhouse gas emissions reductions, but much more needs to be done to ensure future targets are met, according to a new report for the Scottish Government published by the Committee on Climate Change today.