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18 December 2019 Blog

2020 must be the year of climate action

Much has been written about 2019’s General Election – much more will be said about the decisive result and its implications. GE2019 was not quite ‘the climate election’, as some had billed it, but it was the election where a seismic shift occurred in the ambitions of the main political parties in addressing climate change. Reaching net-zero emissions UK-wide is now baked in and attention must turn to making it happen.
15 October 2019 News story

Committee comments on Government response to CCC’s 2019 Progress Report

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has issued a statement following today’s publication of the Government’s official response to the CCC’s 2019 Progress Report to Parliament.
19 August 2019 Blog

No surprises? Our latest adaptation progress report

The Adaptation Committee published its report on progress in preparing for climate change in July. In a previous blog I gave some high level reflections on the Government’s latest National Adaptation Programme. It’s fair to say that our assessment has some blunt messages about lack of progress and low ambition in England.
5 August 2019 News story

Spotlight on UK infrastructure as climate changes

Recent events at Whaley Bridge dam in Derbyshire have raised questions about UK infrastructure and its ability to cope with a changing climate. In response, the Committee on Climate Change has issued a  brief statement.
10 July 2019 Publication

Briefing note on time lags in the climate system (Met Office)

The Met Office has produced a technical briefing note summarising the latest scientific understanding on time lags in the climate system, and what this implies for how much climate change the world is committed to in the short-term for different emissions trajectories.
10 July 2019 Publication

Impacts of climate change on meeting Government outcomes in England (Paul Watkiss Associates)

The Adaptation Committee contracted Paul Watkiss Associates to assess how climate change might affect the ability of Government to achieve existing policy outcomes.
10 July 2019 Publication

Research to update the evidence base for indicators of climate-related risks and actions in England (ADAS)

The ADAS report presents the results of work commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change to update a number of the indicators of and evidence bases on climate-related risks and actions in England.
10 July 2019 Publication

The costs and benefits of tighter standards for new buildings (Currie & Brown and AECOM)

This report, produced by Currie & Brown and AECOM for the Committee on Climate Change, summarises the research undertaken to inform the Committee’s recommendations on new build standards.
10 July 2019 News story

UK credibility on climate change rests on Government action over next 18 months

The UK has legislated for net-zero emissions by 2050 – now the UK Government must show it is serious about its legal obligations to tackle and prepare for climate change, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says today.
10 July 2019 Publication

Progress in preparing for climate change – 2019 Progress Report to Parliament

This report sets out the Adaptation Committee’s latest assessment of progress in preparing for climate change in England, and provides a first evaluation of the Government’s second National Adaptation Programme.