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10 July 2013 Publication

Managing the land in a changing climate – Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report 2013

This report reviews some of the key ecosystem services provided by the land.  Specifically, the report addresses the use of land to continue to deliver important goods and services in the face of a changing climate – supplying food and timber, providing habitat for wildlife, storing carbon in the soil, and coping with sea level rise on the coast. It explores the extent to which decisions about the land are helping the country to prepare for climate change.
26 June 2013 News story

Good progress in some areas but much more needed to meet third and fourth carbon budgets – 26 June 2013

There has been good progress in 2012 implementing some of the measures required to meet carbon budgets said the Committee on Climate Change in its latest annual progress report to Parliament.
26 June 2013 Publication

Meeting Carbon Budgets – 2013 Progress Report to Parliament

This is our fifth statutory report to Parliament on progress towards meeting carbon budgets. In it we consider the latest data on emissions and their drivers, and we assess progress developing new policies which are required in order to reduce emissions. The report includes assessment at the level of the economy, the non-traded and traded sectors, the key emitting sectors and the devolved administrations.
31 May 2013 Publication

Analysis of the air quality impacts of potential CCC scenarios (by Imperial)

This report was commissioned from Imperial College London by the Committee on Climate Change. It supports the Fourth Carbon Budget Review – part 2. The report provides detail about the air quality impacts of three scenarios and explores the air quality impacts of changes in the agricultural sector.
4 March 2013 Publication
18 January 2013 Insights
Dairy herd

Blog post: CCC farm tour

By Indra Thillainathan, Senior Analyst at the CCC On a cold but sunny day a week before Christmas, the CCC took an early morning train from London to visit three farms in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. With the agriculture sector central to the work of the CCC*, we were keen to understand the challenges facing the […]
15 January 2013 Publication
Progress on reducing emissions and preparing for climate change in Wales

Progress on reducing emissions and preparing for climate change in Wales

This is the Committee’s second report to the Welsh Government on progress reducing emissions and preparing for climate change. It finds that emissions increased in 2010, but are likely to have fallen in 2011, due mainly to temperature and economic factors. The report concludes that good progress has continued, particularly in the residential and waste sectors. However Wales’ emission targets are challenging and require continued and increased effort across all sectors.
1 June 2012 Publication
Meeting the Carbon Budgets - 2012 Progress Report to Parliament

Meeting Carbon Budgets – 2012 Progress Report to Parliament

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2012 progress report looks at emissions trends over the past year and evaluates underlying progress in implementing carbon-reduction measures and policies in the UK.  It assesses performance of government policies in driving down emissions – including in areas such as Electricity Market Reform, the Green Deal and Carbon Capture & Storage.
27 February 2012 Publication
31 January 2012 News story

Good progress made in Scotland to reduce emissions – 31 January 2012

Good progress has been made in Scotland since 2009 to reduce emissions in order to tackle climate change, according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The CCC today published it first progress report on emission reductions in Scotland, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change Act (2009).