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30 June 2017
30 June 2017 | Publication

Roadmap for flexibility services to 2030 (Poyry and Imperial College London)

This report accompanies the Committee on Climate Change’s 2017 Report to Parliament: Meeting Carbon Budgets - Closing the Policy Gap. It was written by Pöyry Management Consulting and Imperial College London. It sets out a roadmap for improving the flexibility of the UK electricity system in a way that is consistent with the UK's carbon budgets.
28 June 2017
28 June 2017 | Publication

Understanding the UK Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NPL)

This research was commissioned to help inform the Committee on Climate Change’s 2017 report on Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions. It was prepared by the National Physical Laboratory.
13 April 2017
13 April 2017 | Publication

Advice on the design of Welsh carbon targets

Advice on the design of Welsh carbon targets sets out the Committee's recommendations on developing emissions targets for Wales, following a request from the Welsh Government.
11 April 2017
11 April 2017 | Publication

Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Committee on Climate Change reviews how the UK's greenhouse gas emissions are estimated, where uncertainties lie, and assesses the implications for setting carbon budgets and measuring progress against climate change targets.
22 March 2017
News stories
22 March 2017 | News stories

CCC delivers advice to Scottish Government on new Climate Change Bill

The Scottish Government is proposing to table historic new climate change legislation in the Autumn. It has asked the Committee on Climate Change to provide independent advice on central aspects of that legislation. The Committee has now provided that advice.
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