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8 July 2020 News story

CCC responds to the Chancellor’s ‘A Plan for Jobs’

The Committee on Climate Change has today responded to the Chancellor's summer economic update 'A Plan for Jobs' , acknowledging the focus of support towards green jobs.
1 June 2020 Publication

Letter: The future of carbon pricing to The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP

This is a letter from the CCC in response to a formal request from the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Assembly regarding the future of carbon pricing in UK, specifically in relation to the successor to the EU Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) after EU exit. 
18 February 2020 Publication

Letter: Future Homes Standard and proposals for tightening Part L in 2020

This is a letter from Lord Deben, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, and Baroness Brown, Chair of the CCC's Adaptation Committee, to the Secretary of State Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP.
13 March 2019 News story

CCC welcomes Government commitments to new low-carbon homes and green gas

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) welcomes news that the UK Government intends to implement a series of new measures to help reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.
28 June 2018 Publication

Reducing UK emissions – 2018 Progress Report to Parliament

In this report the Committee sets out four key messages to Government to put emissions reductions on track, based on the lessons of the last decade.
28 June 2018 News story

Apply the lessons of the past decade, or risk a poor deal for the public in the next

Ten years after the Climate Change Act came into force, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says the Government must learn the lessons of the last decade if it is to meet legally-binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the 2020s and 2030s. Unless action is taken now, the public faces an unnecessarily expensive […]
22 May 2018 News story

Lord Deben welcomes the Government’s commitment to improving the energy efficiency of new UK buildings

The Government has announced it intends to halve the energy use of new buildings in the UK by 2030, as one of the ‘Grand Challenge missions’ of its Industrial Strategy. The chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, has welcomed the announcement, and highlighted the importance of tougher building standards and effective enforcement of those standards.
17 January 2018 News story
CGS report cover cropped for homepage

UK’s ambitious Clean Growth Strategy must be translated urgently into action

The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy, required under the Climate Change Act, sets out the next steps to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. Although ambitious, the Strategy does not go far enough. Urgent action is needed to flesh out current plans and proposals, and supplement them with additional measures, to meet […]
17 January 2018 Publication

An independent assessment of the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy: From ambition to action

This report provides the Committee on Climate Change’s independent assessment of the UK Government's Clean Growth Strategy.
19 December 2017 Publication
Welsh carbon targets

Building a low-carbon economy in Wales – Setting Welsh carbon targets

This report advises on the level at which Welsh interim carbon targets and Welsh carbon Budgets should be set. It comes in response to a request from the Welsh Government for independent advice from the Committee on Climate Change on these targets. The Committee’s advice takes into account specific factors relating to the Welsh economy and its sources of emissions.