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8 December 2009
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8 December 2009 | News stories

CCC sets out options to meet the UK’s aviation emissions target – 8 December 2009

A report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published today says that aviation policy should be based on the assumption that demand growth between now and 2050 cannot exceed 60% if the UK is to meet the Government’s target that aviation emissions in 2050 must  not exceed  2005 levels.
12 October 2009
12 October 2009 | Publication

Meeting carbon budgets – the need for a step change

This is the CCC's first annual progress report to Parliament. It assesses the progress that has been made by Government so far in reducing emissions and the implications of the recession and 'credit crunch' for meeting carbon budgets.
9 September 2009
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9 September 2009 | News stories

Global aviation emissions must be capped to tackle climate change – 9 September 2009

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has advised the UK Government ahead of talks at Copenhagen that global aviation emissions should be capped as part of a wider global agreement to tackle climate change.  Developed countries will need to take the lead in making significant reductions in cutting aviation emissions, ensuring that these are no higher – and possibly lower – than 2005 levels in the period to 2050.
15 June 2009
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15 June 2009 | News stories

Moving from awareness to action – Guardian Climate Change Summit – 15 June 2009

David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the CCC joined leading figures from across the climate change community to discuss what can be done to encourage action on climate change. In his keynote speech, Kennedy suggested that we need new arrangements to help people take up energy efficiency improvements in the home and to reduce risks for energy companies investing in low carbon technology.
3 June 2009
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3 June 2009 | News stories

Gordon Murray Design visit – 3 June 2009

Members of the CCC’s secretariat recently visited car designer and engineer, Gordon Murray, whose British company is designing a new low emissions city car.
15 January 2009
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15 January 2009 | News stories

CCC to report on new aviation emissions cap – 15 January 2009

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has been asked by the Government to conduct a review into how UK aviation emissions can be limited to below 2005 levels in 2050. The aviation target will play a useful role in buttressing the UK’s overall commitment to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (below 1990 levels) in 2050.