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Independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change

31 January 2012
31 January 2012 | Publication

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 1st Progress Report

This is the Committee's first progress report on emission reductions in Scotland, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act (2009).
18 October 2011
18 October 2011 | Publication

Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change in Wales – 2011 progress report

This report focuses on assessing the Welsh emission targets and  strategy, latest data on emissions and drivers, and policies to drive  future emissions reductions. It also makes an initial assessment of  progress on measures to prepare for climate change within the adaptation  part of the strategy.
24 February 2010
24 February 2010 | Publication

Scotland’s path to a low-carbon economy

This report sets out the Committee’s advice on how Scotland can meet its ambitious 2020 target, to reduce emissions of all greenhouse gases by 42%, and on the level of annual targets in Scotland.
12 October 2009
12 October 2009 | Publication

Meeting carbon budgets – the need for a step change

This is the CCC's first annual progress report to Parliament. It assesses the progress that has been made by Government so far in reducing emissions and the implications of the recession and 'credit crunch' for meeting carbon budgets.