Scotland’s climate change targets are ambitious but achievable with new policies – 24 February 2010

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) today advised the Scottish Government that the climate change targets set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act are ambitious, but would be achievable following a tightening of the EU framework in response to a global deal to cut emissions. Delivering the targets will require that steps are taken to significantly strengthen and to add to existing policies in key areas.

The Committee’s analysis suggests that meeting the 42% target would be difficult before a global deal has been reached, but feasible following a global deal and the tightening of the traded sector cap.

Committee member, Professor Jim Skea said:

“These are ambitious targets that go further than those in the rest of the UK. A step change will be needed to unlock potential emissions reductions in Scotland, but we believe this to be achievable with new policies. It is important now that the Scottish Government commits to a clear and constant target for the non-traded sector and sets out a strategy to deliver this. Given a new policy framework, the opportunities are there for Scottish people and businesses to drive down emissions and build a low-carbon economy”.