CCC advises that Government meets carbon budgets through domestic action alone, and not through use of offset credits – 22 March 11

In a letter to Chris Huhne, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) today advised Government to aim to meet the second carbon budget (2013-2017) through domestic action alone, and not through the use of offset credits.

In addition, the Committee reiterated its recommendation that the second and third carbon budgets (2013-2017 and 2018-2022), should now be tightened to reflect appropriate policy ambition together with the emissions impacts of the recession.

The Committee’s assessment is that even this more ambitious budget could and should be achieved through domestic action alone, and not through the purchase of credits.

David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the CCC said:

“Offset credits should not be relied on now to meet carbon budgets. It is possible to meet these budgets at low cost and through domestic action alone. Reducing our own emissions now is necessary if we are to be on track to the deep domestic cuts required through the 2020s, and to developing new green industries including energy efficiency and renewable energy”. 

The Secretary of State, Chris Huhne, requested that the CCC provide advice on the use of offset credits, prior to a limit on credit use being set in secondary legislation by June 2011.

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