CCC advises Northern Ireland Executive to harness significant and low cost opportunities to reduce emissions – 2 Nov 2011

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) will today advise the Northern Ireland Environment Minister that legislated emission reduction targets could be helpful to harness the significant opportunities to reduce emissions in Northern Ireland.

The Committee was asked by Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister to provide advice on whether it is appropriate for Northern Ireland to enact its own climate change legislation, including the introduction of legally binding emissions targets. Fresh analysis published by the Committee shows that there is scope to reduce emissions across agriculture, transport, buildings and the public sector by up to 25% from today’s levels in 2020 (i.e. a level consistent with the path to longer term required reductions).

Many of the actions which could be taken to reduce emissions, could also save people money, and would enable Northern Ireland to reduce its reliance on carbon and imported fossil fuels, thereby reducing security of supply impacts. This would result in economic benefits in a world where carbon and fossil fuels are increasingly short in supply.

David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Committee said:

“There are significant opportunities to reduce emissions in Northern Ireland. Legislating carbon targets could help efforts to reduce emissions, if supported by appropriate policies. Moving now to a low carbon path will be of economic benefit to the people of Northern Ireland in an increasingly carbon and resource constrained world”.

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