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5CB Infographic - FINAL -

Fifth Carbon Budget – Infographic

20 July 2016

Households have an important role to play in meeting the fifth carbon budget. This infographic shows how every household can help to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Good progress in reducing UK emissions will not continue without urgent action to strengthen policies

30 June 2016

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published its 2016 Progress Report to Parliament detailing the UK’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting carbon budgets. The report shows that UK emissions have fallen by an average of 4.5% per year in the last three years and are 38% below 1990 levels. This reduction in emissions has come almost exclusively from one sector: electricity generation, where UK Government policies have driven an increase in renewable generation and a reduction in coal use.

CCC seeks new Chair for Adaptation Sub-Committee

10 May 2016

The Committee on Climate Change is seeking a new Chair to lead the work of its Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) from 1 February 2017. The new Chair will succeed Lord Krebs who has led the ASC since May 2009.