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CCC Infographic Flood Risk

Infographic: Future flood risk in the UK

15 January 2016

More action is needed to help the UK adapt to climate change, alongside significant new investment, if we're to address the increasing risk of flooding due to rising global temperatures, a new CCC infographic shows.

Domestic implications of the “Paris Agreement” to combat climate change

14 December 2015

The UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act was passed, with broad cross-party support, as part of the UK’s contribution to the global effort to address dangerous levels of future climate change. The Committee on Climate Change, set up under the Act to provide independent advice to Government and Parliament, welcomes the agreement that was reached in Paris last week. The agreement helps to clarify the level of global ambition and the processes that will help to achieve that ambition.

Picture of a membership application form

CCC seeks new Committee Members

21 August 2015

The UK Government and the Devolved Administrations are seeking to appoint two new members to serve on the Committee on Climate Change, focusing on climate and environmental science, and behavioural insights.