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27 May 2015 Blog
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Making informed choices on climate change in 2015

This is a busy time for decisions about how to address climate change. By the end of 2015, after leaders meet in Paris in December, we’ll know what the world proposes to do in the face of the risks posed by rising average global temperatures. This period is no less busy domestically. In all, there […]
24 February 2015 Publication
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Letter: Response to the Environmental Audit Committee

To: Rt Hon. Joan Walley MP, Chair Environmental Audit Committee A letter from Matthew Bell, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, responding to the EAC’s letter of 4 February asking for our assessment of the consistency of UK shale gas production with carbon budgets. Read the original letter on the EAC’s website.
17 April 2014 Blog

Does the IPCC endorse shale gas?

Recent headlines have suggested that the latest IPCC report endorses shale gas. We take a look at what the report actually says.
13 September 2013 Blog

A role for shale gas in a low-carbon economy?

Given the amount of attention it’s getting at the moment, we thought it was worth setting out the Committee’s position on shale gas, to recap what we’ve said across several recent reports (such as our reports on the UK’s carbon footprint and Next steps on Electricity Market Reform). The need to reduce our emissions implies […]
23 May 2013 News story

Government commitment to support investment in low-carbon technologies would secure significant savings for UK consumers – 23 May 2013

In a report on the Electricity Market Reform published today, the Committee on Climate Change presents new analysis showing that there are significant economic benefits from investing in a portfolio of low-carbon technologies through the 2020s rather than investing in gas-fired generation.
25 April 2013 Blog

All hail shale?

A recent report from the Institute of Directors (IoD) argues that we should “all hail shale”.  The report sets out a potentially major role for UK shale gas in meeting energy demand in the decades to come. The report is based on the US experience, together with estimates of possible reserves here. It does not […]