CCC welcomes Government plans to improve energy efficiency in homes – 12 February 2009

The CCC has welcomed Government plans outlined today that would see millions of homeowners provided with help to improve energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills. Under the plan, every household in Britain will receive expert, targeted help to reduce their fuel bills and access low-carbon heat and power in their homes.

The aim is to reduce household carbon emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050, approaching zero emissions as near as possible.

Responding to the announcement, Lord Turner, Chair of the CCC said: 

“Improving energy efficiency in our homes and office buildings is absolutely vital for building a low-carbon economy. We found that there is the potential to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in our homes by 70 to 105 MtCO2 through better insulation and use of low-carbon heat sources. The good news for home owners is that improving energy efficiency can also save them money on their bills. We need to take radical action now in this sector to ensure that we are well on the way to meeting our target of reducing all our emissions by at least 80% in 2050”.

The draft plan, released today for consultation by Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, and Communities and Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears, includes proposals for improving the delivery system of energy efficiency improvements, establishing a heat market, and encouraging greater use of community heating schemes and combined heat and power (CHP).

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