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Gordon Murray Design visit – 3 June 2009

Members of the CCC’s secretariat recently visited car designer and engineer, Gordon Murray, whose British company is designing a new low emissions city car. The purpose of the visit was to look at how innovative technology can be employed to create a car that is attractively priced whilst having lower emissions from both use and production than cars on the road today.

The T.25 city car uses a reduced number of parts and lightweight recycled material in order to create a petrol car with an emissions rating of 88gCO2/km and 50% lower lifecycle emissions than an average car. Following a presentation and tour of the workshop, the group discussed the future for cars in light of the current economic climate and the pressing need to decarbonise transport.  A wide range of subjects were covered from car production methods -including tooling and transportation of cars- to the role for new technologies such as electric vehicles and the potential role for policy action in promoting small cars in cities.