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The Politics of Climate Change – 5 June 2009

Politicians, including ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, business leaders and climate change experts, came together at the London School of Economics last week to discuss how a low-carbon economy could be built in the UK. The conference coincided with the publication of Anthony Gidden’s new book The politics of climate change.

Lord Turner presented some of the CCC’s findings on what would be required to meet an 80% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases. He also argued that politicians should recognise the limits of depending on markets and that if a low-carbon economy was to be built, it could not be done simply by depending on the carbon market. Ambitious policies would need to be put in place by Government, to improve energy efficiency, to decarbonise the electricity sector and to help people make positive lifestyle changes.

Videos of some of the main speeches from the conference are available to view on the politics of climate change website