Moving from awareness to action – Guardian Climate Change Summit – 15 June 2009

15 June 2009

David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the CCC joined leading figures from across the climate change community to discuss what can be done to encourage action on climate change. In his keynote speech, Kennedy suggested that we need new arrangements to help people take up energy efficiency improvements in the home and to reduce risks for energy companies investing in low carbon technology. He said that the UK had much to gain from developing a low-carbon economy: “The majority of engines for the European car market are produced in the UK, so there is the opportunity for the UK to take a lead on electric car production. Carbon markets are centred around London so there will be opportunities for the financial services industry” he said.

He said that the CCC were looking to the Government’s summer strategy to provide clear direction on how they would decarbonise the electricity sector and provide the proper infrastructure required for electric cars and Carbon Capture and Storage technology.

Other speakers at the summit included: Yvo de Boer, Zac Goldsmith, Simon Hughes MP and Frances O’Grady.

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