Global aviation emissions must be capped to tackle climate change – 9 September 2009

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has advised the UK Government ahead of talks at Copenhagen that global aviation emissions should be capped as part of a wider global agreement to tackle climate change.  Developed countries will need to take the lead in making significant reductions in cutting aviation emissions, ensuring that these are no higher – and possibly lower – than 2005 levels in the period to 2050. An interim period where rising aviation emissions are offset by emissions reductions in other sectors would be feasible. Over time, however, aviation emissions growth will have to be constrained.

The CCC’s Chief Executive David Kennedy said: 

“It is vital that an agreement capping global aviation emissions is part of a Copenhagen deal. We are calling for a cap that would not require people to fly less than today, but would constrain aviation emissions growth going forward. Such a cap together with deep emissions cuts in other sectors would limit the risk of dangerous climate change and the very damaging consequences for people here and in other countries that this would have”.

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