Application for judicial review on the UK’s 2050 target

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is an ‘Interested Party’ in a potential judicial review of the Government’s decision not to amend the UK’s 2050 emission reduction target following the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The application for judicial review, which is being considered by the courts, is being brought by ‘Plan B’ and a number of other claimants.

The Committee considered the implications of the Paris Agreement for the UK’s targets in its October 2016 report, UK climate action following the Paris Agreement. The Committee stands by its advice and, in so far as the claimants rely on or take issue with this advice, the Committee contests the application.

It is important that the basis of the Committee’s advice should be clearly understood, and consequently, the Committee has submitted papers to the Court which set out the areas where its advice has been misread. The Committee expects its involvement as an Interested Party to be limited to the advice it has previously given.

Read the full summary of grounds submitted to the Court by the Committee on Climate Change.


Update – 10 April 2018

At a permission hearing (adjourned) to assess whether the case should proceed to judicial review, held on 20 March 2018, the CCC was asked to provide additional reasoning to support its case, responding to points made by Plan B. Read the CCC’s response. This will feed into a permission hearing to be held on 4 July 2018.