Letter from ASC Chair to Professor Dieter Helm, Chair of the Natural Capital Committee

This letter is from Baroness Brown of Cambridge, the chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC), to Professor Dieter Helm, the chair of the Natural Capital Committee (NCC). The letter offers any assistance the ASC can provide to the NCC while it is preparing its advice to the Secretary of State on the 25-Year Environment Plan.

It highlights the Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report, published by the ASC in 2016, which concluded that climate change presents a substantial risk to the goods and services provided by natural capital, including risks to:

  • native wildlife;
  • food;
  • timber and fibre;
  • clean water;
  • carbon storage;
  • the cultural benefits derived from landscapes.

The letter also highlights the ASC’s latest Progress Report, published in June 2017, on the National Adaption Programme (NAP). Baroness Brown concludes by offering to cooperate with the NCC on better defining long-term outcomes for the natural environment in the context of climate change.