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Independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change

29 June 2017 Publication

2017 Report to Parliament – Meeting Carbon Budgets: Closing the policy gap

This report is the Committee on Climate Change's ninth annual assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions and meeting carbon budgets.
29 June 2017 Publication

2017 Report to Parliament – Summary and recommendations

This synthesis report summarises the key recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change and the Adaptation Sub-Committee's respective 2017 Reports to Parliament. 
31 March 2017 Publication

Advice on third round of adaptation reporting power reports

This letter sets out the Adaptation Sub-Committee's recommendations to Defra about the third round of reports under the Adaptation Reporting Power.
31 March 2017 Publication

Adaptation Reporting Power: second round review

This report presents the findings of a review by the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the second round of the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP). The Adaptation Reporting Power was created as part of the Climate Change Act (2008). It allows the Secretary of State to ask key organisations to report on the steps they are taking to prepare for climate change.
24 January 2017 Publication

Lord Krebs writes to the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom as he steps down as ASC Chair

The Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC), Lord Krebs, has written to the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom as he comes to the end of his eight-year term at the head of the committee.
18 January 2017 News story
Large Waves Breaking Against Sea Wall At Dawlish In Devon

CCC welcomes publication of UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Government report

Every five years the UK’s Climate Change Act requires the Government to compile an assessment of the risks and opportunities arising for the UK from climate change. Today, the Government has published its second such assessment.
27 September 2016 News story

Infographic: Scotland’s progress in preparing for climate change

This infographic provides a snapshot of progress being made in Scotland to prepare for the impacts of climate change. It accompanies the Adaptation Sub-Committee's 2016 report 'Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme: An independent assessment for the Scottish Parliament.'
27 September 2016 Publication

Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme: An independent assessment

This statutory report is the Adaptation Sub-Committee's first to the Scottish Parliament. It provides an interim evaluation of the progress being made to prepare for climate change, two years after the Scottish Government published its inaugural Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme (SCCAP) in 2014.
8 September 2016 News story
Flooding on King's Staith, York, England, United Kingdom

CCC welcomes National Flood Resilience Review, but says further action needed to address UK flood risk

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) welcomes the publication of the National Flood Resilience Review. The review was commissioned by David Cameron’s Government following record rainfall totals and extensive flood damage last winter.
12 July 2016 Publication
Synthesis Report - Cover

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report is the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to the UK.