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The path to Net Zero – CCC’s homework in the Year of Climate Action

5 March 2020 Mike Thompson

2020. It’s the year of climate action. The decade of delivery . Fridays are for the future. These slogans are apt at a crucial time in the fight against climate change. The groups issuing them– government, business, and citizens – must all work in partnership to achieve success. Here at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) we will continue to play our role, making evidence-based recommendations to inform the UK’s climate response. The big one for us this year will come on 9 September, when we publish our advice to Government on the recommended level of the sixth carbon budget.

2020 must be the year of climate action

18 December 2019 Chris Stark

Much has been written about 2019’s General Election – much more will be said about the decisive result and its implications. GE2019 was not quite ‘the climate election’, as some had billed it, but it was the election where a seismic shift occurred in the ambitions of the main political parties in addressing climate change. Reaching net-zero emissions UK-wide is now baked in and attention must turn to making it happen.

Developing a blueprint for monitoring global climate change risk

16 October 2018 Andy Russell

The Committee on Climate Change and the China Expert Panel on Climate Change have published a joint report on Climate Risk Indicators. The two-year project aimed to develop a set of indicators for a new climate change risk assessment system as a proof of concept. Dr Andy Russell explains.

It’s now or never for one and a half degrees

8 October 2018 Mike Thompson

Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Special Report on ‘Global Warming of 1.5°C’. Mike Thompson, Head of Carbon Budgets at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) reflects on the report and what it means for the Committee’s next phase of work.

First the heat, then the rain: The problem of surface water flooding in England

30 July 2018 Gemma Holmes

Surface water flooding is a widespread and growing problem. It occurs when the volume and speed of rainwater exceeds that which is able to filter into the ground and drain through the sewage networks. Gemma Holmes, Senior Analyst at the CCC’s Adaptation Sub-Committee, explains what can be done about it.

Fake emissions tests cheat consumers and the environment

27 July 2018 Ellie Davies

New evidence suggests that recently-introduced EU emissions tests for cars and vans are already being manipulated by car manufacturers. Ellie Davies, the CCC’s Transport Analyst, explains why that’s bad news for the UK’s climate change targets, and the public.

The new National Adaptation Programme: Hit or miss?

19 July 2018 Kathryn Brown

Every five years the UK government sets out how it intends to manage the increasing risks from flooding, drought, heat, sea level rise and severe weather in a ‘National Adaptation Programme.’ Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation at the Committee on Climate Change, takes a first look at the government’s latest plan and considers whether it’s fit for purpose.

A pivotal moment for Scottish climate action

11 July 2018 Lord Deben, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change

I am delighted that the Committee will be returning to Scotland later this week to hold another meeting in Edinburgh. It comes at an exciting time for Scottish climate action, writes CCC Chairman, Lord Deben.