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30 June 2015 Publication

Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament

The Committee's 2015 Progress Report to Parliament. It covers both progress towards meeting carbon budgets and progress on adaptation to climate change and includes the Adaptation Sub-Committee's first ever statutory assessment of the National Adaptation Programme.
29 June 2015 Publication

HR Wallingford (2015) for the ASC: Update analysis of the number of properties located in areas at risk of flooding and coastal erosion in England

Supporting information Coastal erosion Surface water flooding New development in flood risk areas: updated figures (February 2016)
26 June 2015 Publication

Soil erosion and water use in agriculture (by Cranfield University)

This report was commissioned from Cranfield University by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). It provides supporting research for the CCC's report: Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament.
22 May 2015 Blog

Are we doing enough to adapt to climate change?

How can we measure how well countries are adapting to the impacts of climate change? This is a question that is being asked both in the UK and around the world, and was one of the hot topics at this month’s European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference in Copenhagen. Unlike measuring a country’s greenhouse gas […]
20 March 2015 Blog

What lies beneath: the hidden heat network at the heart of the City

District heating networks are largely an unknown quantity in the UK, where the gas boiler is both ubiquitous and cheap. Contrast this with Denmark, where two thirds of space and water heating is delivered through pipes to buildings in the form of hot water or steam.
18 February 2015 Publication
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Letter: Further measures needed to promote sustainable drainage in new development

To: Rt Hon. Elizabeth Truss MP, DEFRA Secretary of State A letter from Lord Krebs, Chairman of the Adaptation Sub-Committee, suggesting further steps are necessary to make sure the proposed changes to the planning system are successful in promoting sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Read the ASC’s previous letter to the Secretary of State advising on SuDS.
5 December 2014 Blog
Thames Barrier closing

New long-term investment scenarios point to the need for much greater flood resilience

On Tuesday, two much-awaited flood investment documents were published (see previous blog). Both Defra’s six-year Investment Plan and the Environment Agency’s Long-Term Investment Scenarios (LTIS) paint a positive picture of how much can be achieved in managing flood risk in the coming years. But the devil is in the detail, and these initial thoughts may […]
27 November 2014 Blog

Adapting to flood risk in a changing climate

our latest blog post asks: is current policy helping to address the expected increase in future flood risk? 
28 October 2014 Publication
Letter icon

Letter: Consultation on delivering Sustainable Drainage Systems

A letter from Lord Krebs, Chairman of the Adaptation Sub-Committee expressing concern about how the Government now intends to encourage the use of sustainable drainage systems in new development
18 September 2014 News story

Professor Samuel Fankhauser and Professor Martin Parry step down from the Adaptation Sub-Committee

Professor Samuel Fankhauser and Professor Martin Parry, two of the founding members of the Adaptation Sub-Committee, are stepping down after fulfilling their five-year terms.