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26 November 2018 News story

Marking ten years of the Climate Change Act

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is marking ten years of the Climate Change Act. The Act, which also established the CCC, received royal assent on 26 November 2008.
15 November 2018 Publication

Land use: Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change

This report by the Committee on Climate Change assesses the role of land use change in meeting climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives.
13 November 2018 Publication

Adaptation actions in the natural environment and cities: what works?

The Committee's Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) commissioned AECOM to produce two reports assessing adaption actions in the UK's cities and natural environment.
26 October 2018 Publication

Managing the coast in a changing climate

This report by the CCC's Adaptation Committee investigates the long-term challenges of managing England’s coastline against the backdrop of a changing climate.
26 October 2018 News story

Current approach to protecting England’s coastal communities from flooding and erosion not fit for purpose as the climate changes

A new, long-term approach to coastal management in England is urgently needed given the expected impacts of climate change, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says in a new report.
16 October 2018 Blog

Developing a blueprint for monitoring global climate change risk

The Committee on Climate Change and the China Expert Panel on Climate Change have published a joint report on Climate Risk Indicators. The two-year project aimed to develop a set of indicators for a new climate change risk assessment system as a proof of concept. Dr Andy Russell explains.
22 August 2018 News story
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Adaptation Sub-Committee seeks new member with expertise in civil engineering

The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change has a vacancy for a new independent member on its board.
30 July 2018 Blog

First the heat, then the rain: The problem of surface water flooding in England

Surface water flooding is a widespread and growing problem. It occurs when the volume and speed of rainwater exceeds that which is able to filter into the ground and drain through the sewage networks. Gemma Holmes, Senior Analyst at the CCC’s Adaptation Sub-Committee, explains what can be done about it.
30 July 2018 Publication

Research to define metrics for surface water flood risk management (JBA)

This research, by JBA Consulting, considers the advantages, disadvantages and unintended consequences of existing and new metrics to measure progress made in managing the risk of surface flooding at a local level. The research also makes strategic recommendations for future assessments of progress at a national level.
24 July 2018 News story

Climate change means more action is needed to address risk of UK heatwaves and water shortages

The current UK heatwave and water shortages highlight the need for Government to redouble its efforts to address the risk from climate change, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says.