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12 July 2016 Publication
Synthesis Report - Cover

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report is the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to the UK.
12 July 2016 News story

Animation – UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

This animation sets out the key messages from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Synthesis Report.
22 December 2015 Publication

ASC urges consideration of climate impacts in Housing and Planning Bill

Lord Krebs, chairman of the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change (ASC), wrote to Baroness Williams of Trafford to urge her to consider the implications of climate change in the Housing and Planning Bill. The Bill was debated in the House of Lords in early 2016.
27 October 2015 Publication
H++ scenarios report cover

Developing H++ climate change scenarios (Met Office)

This report describes the results of a project to investigate the development of plausible high-end climate change scenarios. It covers the following climate hazards: heat waves, cold snaps, low and high rainfall, droughts, floods and windstorms. An independent report, it has been produced for the Adaptation Sub-Committee to help inform the UK 2017 climate change risk assessment.
7 October 2015 Publication

CCC response to call for evidence from House of Lords built environment select committee

This is a written statement from the Committee on Climate Change in response to a call for evidence from the built environment select committee of the House of Lords.
30 June 2015 Publication

Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament

The Committee's 2015 Progress Report to Parliament. It covers both progress towards meeting carbon budgets and progress on adaptation to climate change and includes the Adaptation Sub-Committee's first ever statutory assessment of the National Adaptation Programme.
4 December 2014 News story
temperature photo

CCC comment – 2014: A year of record-breaking temperatures

Yesterday the Met Office reported that human influence is an important factor in possible global and UK temperature records. Early figures show 2014 is on course to be one of, if not the warmest, year on record both worldwide and for the UK.
28 February 2014 Publication

The risks to housing from overheating

This report was commissioned from BRE by the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC). It provides supporting research for the ASC's report: Managing climate risks to well-being and the economy: Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report.
30 January 2014 Publication

Scrutiny of IPCC report “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis”

During the House of Lords Energy Bill Debate on 28 October 2013, Viscount Ridley announced that there were nine ways in which the recent IPCC report (AR5) was less alarming and less certain than the previous IPCC report in 2007 (AR4). This document examines these nine claims using the relevant text from the two reports. Six are found to be incorrect – meaning either that there is no supporting evidence from the text of AR5 relative to AR4, or that AR5 explicitly states that the issues are less relevant to long-term climate projections. Important caveats apply to the remaining three claims.
11 December 2013 Publication

Updated projections of global emissions and temperatures (by Met Office and CCC)

This is the technical appendix to The Fourth Carbon Budget Review - part 1. It provides scientific updates to the global climate modelling used since 2008. This modelling was used to guide the Committee of Climate Change's advice on the UK's 2050 target and first three carbon budgets.