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18 December 2015 Publication

Review and update of the UK agriculture marginal abatement cost curves (SRUC, Ricardo Energy)

This study aims to develop an updated marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) for the UK agriculture, land use and land-use change sector. The findings were used to inform the CCC's advice to the Government on the level of the fifth carbon budget.
17 December 2015 Publication
Letter from ASC on flooding

CCC welcomes Government initiatives to review UK flood risk

The Adaptation Sub Committee of the Committee on Climate Change (ASC) welcomes the announcement of two Government initiatives to review flood risk and response following recent flooding in parts of Northern England and Scotland in two letters to Oliver Letwin MP and Rory Stewart MP.
15 December 2015 Publication

The fifth carbon budget – Responses to CCC call for evidence

In preparing our fifth carbon budget advice, we ran a public Call for Evidence in mid-2015. In total, more than 50 organisations responded. The results of that Call for Evidence are available here.
14 December 2015 News story

Domestic implications of the “Paris Agreement” to combat climate change

The UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act was passed, with broad cross-party support, as part of the UK’s contribution to the global effort to address dangerous levels of future climate change. The Committee on Climate Change, set up under the Act to provide independent advice to Government and Parliament, welcomes the agreement that was reached in Paris last week. The agreement helps to clarify the level of global ambition and the processes that will help to achieve that ambition.
9 December 2015 News story

Committee on Climate Change to collaborate with Chinese counterpart to assess climate risk

The Committee on Climate Change has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its Chinese counterpart, the China National Expert Committee on Climate Change, at an official ceremony at the Paris climate talks.
7 December 2015 News story
Sandbags Outside Front Door Of Flooded House

UK floods: Climate change likely to increase frequency and magnitude of severe flooding events

The devastating UK floods are a timely reminder that climate change is expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of severe flooding across the UK. Rainfall records have been broken again, with more than a foot of rain falling in 24 hours in some areas, says CCC Chairman Lord Deben.
2 December 2015 Publication

Quantifying uncertainty in baseline emissions projections (Cambridge Econometrics)

This report, Quantifying uncertainty over baseline emissions projections, was commissioned to inform advice on the level of the fifth carbon budget. It was written by Cambridge Econometrics. The report identifies a range of uncertainties and assesses their potential impact on emissions pathways.
2 December 2015 Blog
Gunfleet sands offshore wind farm

Offshore wind: A valuable ingredient in the UK’s future energy mix

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, recently announced the Government’s intention to continue supporting offshore wind into the 2020s, providing costs continue to fall. If that approach proves successful, offshore wind could play a key part in the UK’s low-carbon future, writes the CCC's Mike Hemsley.
2 December 2015 Blog
Peak district landscape scene

Preparing for the impacts of climate change on the UK’s natural environment

The UK’s rich wildlife and distinctive landscapes are a source of inspiration to millions of people, and there is a growing recognition that ‘natural capital’ - our water, soils, land, sea, air and the wildlife they sustain - is as important for the UK’s prosperity and quality of life as economic and social capital. Yet, climate change is set to radically change many aspects of the UK’s natural environment in the future, with implications for the vital services and benefits nature provides. The CCC's David Thompson looks at the findings of a new research report to inform the UK's second climate change risk assessment in 2017.  
26 November 2015 News story

Next step towards low-carbon economy requires 57% emissions reduction by 2030

The Government should continue on the lowest-cost path towards the legal requirement to reduce UK emissions by at least 80% in 2050 on 1990 levels. It should commit to an emissions reduction of 57% by 2028-2032, the Committee on Climate Change says in its fifth carbon budget advice.