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10 February 2012

Letter: Environment Agency’s attendance at the ASC’s January 2012 meeting


In a letter to Lord Smith, Lord Krebs summarises of Environment Agency's attendance at the ASC’s January 2012 meeting setting out three key areas for closer cooperation between the ASC and Environment Agency; developing indicators; stakeholder engagement, and highlighting the big adaptation issues.

Reducing emissions in Scotland - 1st progress report
31 January 2012

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 1st Progress Report

Letters, Report, Scotland reports

This is the Committee's first progress report on emission reductions in Scotland, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act (2009).

28 December 2011

Energy from biomass: the size of the global resource

Supporting research

This is a report supporting the Bioenergy Review (December 2011). The supporting research assess the evidence that biomass can make a major contribution to future global energy supply.

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20 December 2011

Letter: Proposals for the Green Deal/Energy Company Obligation


A letter from Lord Turner to Rt. Hon Chris Huhne MP regarding proposals for the Green deal / Energy Company Obligation

Household energy bills - impacts of meeting carbon budgets
15 December 2011

Household energy bills


There is currently much debate on rising household energy bills, and the extent to which this is or will be due to costs of financing low-carbon investments. This note sets out our analysis of energy bill impacts from meeting carbon budgets to date and over the next decade.

Bioenergy Review
7 December 2011

Bioenergy Review


This report assesses the role of Bioenergy in meeting carbon budgets and targets, drawing on detailed analysis of land use impacts and the UK energy system from technical, economic and wider sustainability perspectives. The report advises Government on key issues such as resource availability, lifecycle emissions, sustainability standards and appropriate use of bioenergy across sectors.

How well is Scotland preparing for climate change?
24 November 2011

How well is Scotland Preparing for Climate Change?

Report, Scotland reports

This the ASC's first report to Scotland. Following reports on how well the UK is prepared to deal with climate  change, the ASC was asked by the Scottish Government to undertake an  evaluation of how well Scotland is preparing for climate change.

Review of UK Shipping Emissions
3 November 2011

Review of UK Shipping Emissions


This report sets out analysis on what UK shipping emissions out to 2050 could be, recommendations on how emissions might be apportioned to the UK, and on whether the UK might include shipping emissions in carbon budgets and the 2050 climate change target.

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act - Northern Ireland Report
2 November 2011

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act – Northern Ireland Report


This report assesses the appropriateness of a legally-binding emission reduction targets for Northern Ireland. It considers the current emissions profile in Northern Ireland and recent trends, the existing legislative and policy framework and opportunities and challenges in reducing emissions. It concludes that legislation could be helpful in driving the emissions reductions in Northern Ireland.