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1 August 2011

Letter: CCC response to request for further information on Scottish targets for 2023-2027 – 1 August 2011


Our assessment against the criteria in the Act suggests that the costs, and fiscal and competitiveness impacts associated with the recommended targets are manageable. The same is true of impacts for rural communities and wider environmental impacts, while fuel poverty is an important issue which should be addressed through a combination of energy efficiency improvement and targeted support to low income households.

31 July 2011

Analysis of how land use planning decisions affect vulnerability to climate risks

Supporting research

This is a report supporting Adapting to climate change in the UK – Measuring progress Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report (July 2011). It seeks to understand the effect of the town and country planning system on UK vulnerability to different climate risks.

Adapting to climate change in the UK - Measuring progress (2nd Progress Report - 2011)
14 July 2011

Adapting to climate change in the UK – Measuring progress (Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report 2011)


This is the ASC’s second assessment of  how well the UK is prepared to deal with climate change impacts and risks. It sets out a range of indicators against which the UK’s progress will be measured, and focuses on three priority areas of land-use planning, managing water resources, and the design and renovation of buildings as adaptation measures.

Annual report and accounts 2010 to 2011
13 July 2011

Annual report and accounts 2010 – 2011

Corporate plan, report and accounts

The Committee’s third Annual Report & Accounts was laid in Parliament on 13th July 2011. It contains the CCC’s business objectives, achievements, sustainability policy and financial statements.

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1 July 2011

Letter: Committee on Climate Change: Advice to the Scottish Government on emission targets for 2023-2027 and credit use in 2013-2017


This letter is in response to a letter from Roseanna Cunningham in March 2011 requesting advice on Scottish emission targets for 2023-2027, and the use of credits to meet targets in 2013-17.

Meeting Carbon Budgets – 3rd Progress Report to Parliament
30 June 2011

Meeting Carbon Budgets – 3rd Progress Report to Parliament


In this 3rd Progress report we build on the techniques developed in the first two. It adjusts recorded emissions in 2010 for weather as well as macroeconomic impacts, showing that the underlying trend is one of broadly flat emissions. Analysis of the indicators meanwhile reveals mixed progress in implementing abatement measures.

Renewable Energy Review 2011
9 May 2011

The Renewable Energy Review


This report sets the Committee’s advice on the potential for renewable energy development in the UK, and advice on whether existing targets should be reviewed.

The Committee was asked to provide this advice as part of the Coalition Agreement in May 2010.

Committee on Climate Change Corporate plan for 2011 to 2014
1 April 2011

Corporate plan for 2011-2014

Corporate plan, report and accounts

The Committee’s corporate plans set out our current and future work objectives and priorities.

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22 March 2011

Letter: Use of offset credits to meet the second carbon budget (2013-2017)


The CCC advises on the use of offset credits to meet the second carbon budget, prior to a limit on credit use being set in secondary legislation before June 2011.

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8 March 2011

Letter: Electricity market reform consultation


The CCC responds to consultation on electricity market reform, highlighting the need for new electricity market arrangements to drive sector decarbonisation.