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4 October 2017 Publication

Letter from ASC Chair to Professor Dieter Helm, Chair of the Natural Capital Committee

This letter is from Baroness Brown of Cambridge, the chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC), to Professor Dieter Helm, the chair of the Natural Capital Committee (NCC). The letter offers any assistance the ASC can provide to the NCC while it is preparing its advice to the Secretary of State on the 25-Year Environment Plan.
25 September 2017 News story

Scotland needs to take more action to meet its ambitious climate change plans

Scotland’s plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions into the 2030s will need to bring forward firmer policies in transport, heating and other sectors if it is to remain world-leading, the Committee on Climate Change says.
25 September 2017 Publication

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 2017 progress report

This is the Committee’s sixth report on Scotland’s progress towards meeting emission reduction targets, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.
15 September 2017 Publication

Land use modelling project (ECI)

This report outlines the findings from the first phase of a land use modelling project. The aim of the ECI research was to demonstrate that its integrated modelling approach could deliver a range of relevant outputs important for the land use project by the modelling of one mitigation-based scenario and one adaptation-focused scenario.
14 September 2017 Publication
Committee on Climate Change - Land use project

CCC land use project update

This briefing note provides an update on the Committee on Climate Change and Adaptation Sub-Committee's ongoing work on land use. The Committee is exploring how improved use and management of land could deliver against both mitigation and adaptation objectives to 2050 and beyond.
29 June 2017 Publication

Updated indicators of climate change risk and adaptation action in England (ADAS)

This supporting research accompanies the Adaptation Sub-Committee's 2017 Report to Parliament: Progress in preparing for climate change.
29 June 2017 News story

New plans for a new Parliament are urgently needed to address climate change risks

The UK’s transition to a resilient, low-carbon economy is in danger of being derailed by a lack of Government action on climate change, the Committee on Climate Change says.
29 June 2017 Publication

2017 Report to Parliament – Progress in preparing for climate change

This report sets out the Adaptation Sub-Committee's second assessment of the National Adaptation Programme, which drives action to prepare for climate change impacts.
29 June 2017 Publication

2017 Report to Parliament – Meeting Carbon Budgets: Closing the policy gap

This report is the Committee on Climate Change's ninth annual assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions and meeting carbon budgets.
29 June 2017 Publication

2017 Report to Parliament – Summary and recommendations

This synthesis report summarises the key recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change and the Adaptation Sub-Committee's respective 2017 Reports to Parliament.