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24 January 2017 Publication

Lord Krebs writes to the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom as he steps down as ASC Chair

The Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC), Lord Krebs, has written to the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom as he comes to the end of his eight-year term at the head of the committee.
13 September 2016 News story
Progress in reducing emissions in Scotland 2016

Infographic: Scottish progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

This infographic explains how greenhouse gas emissions are reducing in Scotland. It accompanies the Committee's 2016 progress report to the Scottish Parliament.
13 September 2016 News story

Scotland hits latest emissions reduction target, but action needed in transport, buildings and agriculture to maintain progress

Scotland is leading the UK in greenhouse gas emissions reductions, but much more needs to be done to ensure future targets are met, according to a new report for the Scottish Government published by the Committee on Climate Change today.
13 September 2016 Publication

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 2016 progress report

This is the CCC's fifth report on Scotland's progress towards meeting emission reduction targets, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.
5 August 2016 Publication

UK land use projections and implications for mitigation and adaptation

This report reviews the evidence base on land use drivers, metrics and models to inform the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on the implications of land use change for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
5 August 2016 Blog
The view from Dover Hill Nr. Chipping Campden on the route of the Cotswolds way footpath

Our natural land: part of the solution to tackling climate change

Natural land is one of our key resources. It provides a wide range of goods and services – food, timber, clean water, energy, wildlife habitats, carbon storage, flood management as well as green spaces vital for our physical and mental health and other recreation activities. While some of these benefits can be valued in monetary terms, others have no market value, which makes it all the more important to recognise their worth, writes the CCC's Ewa Kmietowicz.
12 July 2016 Publication
Synthesis Report - Cover

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report is the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to the UK.
12 July 2016 News story

New report provides authoritative scientific assessment of climate change risks to UK

The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the UK, and urgent action is required to address climate-related risks, the CCC’s Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) says in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report.
30 June 2016 Publication

Progress report 2016: meeting carbon budgets

This is the Committee's eighth annual report detailing the UK’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting carbon budgets. The report shows that UK emissions have fallen rapidly in the power sector, but that progress has stalled in other sectors, such as heating in buildings, transport, industry and agriculture.
29 March 2016 Publication

CCC’s response to proposed changes to official statistics across the Defra group

A letter from Matthew Bell, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, in response to the Government’s consultation proposing changes to the collection of official statistics across the Defra group.